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Hillcrest House Family Centre

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As an integral part of the emerging Neighbourhood Management Structure in this Neighbourhood Renewal Area, Hillcrest House is specifically responsible for delivering on Theme 3 - Social Renewal which is linked to the identified Waterside Neighbourhood Renewal theme of Health and Well-being.

The project is aimed at this area, one of the most socially deprived in the North of Ireland, which suffers from significant health inequalities.

We are an organisation based on community development principles of bottom-up development and empowerment and we seek to devlop a community infrastructure capable of representing this community and advocating on behalf of local need.

In particular we seek to intervene to identify community health and well-being needs and empower local people to make healthier life style choices, develop services, avail of resources and play a fuller role within their community.

We organsise a range of activities involving local women, who are currently seeking to establish a well womens group (10 women), a seniopr citzens group with some 25 members, a range of classes ranging from computer training to flower arranging and yoga.

We also work with several local groups in the local neighbourhood partnership and co-operate significantly with local youth group, local housing executive, police, other voluntary and community sector, local business and we work closely with partner groups in the P/L community across the interface. 


  • Hillcrest House Family Centre
    Jasmine Court BT47 2EZ
    United Kingdom
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