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Slides from the Final RTW 25th March 2011

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Hi everyone, Lots of people have been asking me to send them the slides I used at the final RTW at the Slieve Russell. I thought it would be easier to post them here for your convenience.

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Action Learning Session Materials

 Hi Everyone.  

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Some Useful Websites for Groups

I came across this list of websites and thought they might be

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Adding to the Blog and Sending an Email (or not)

I had a helpful meeting with Fergal today to make sure that I was using the blog tool correctly and also to learn how to upload new resources and share them with people.

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Impressive Community Activist

I met a great community activist called Majora Carter in Belfast a few weeks ago. She was visiting the Connswater Community Greenway project that

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Green Works

I saw this article on anexpanding social economy project and thought some of you might be&nb

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How did the Taoiseach visit go

Hi Everyone,

How did the Taoiseach's visit to open the new centre work out.  Let me know how you got on.


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RTWs Great Success

I thought that the three RTWs were a great success.  Seems to me that the preparation time was well worth it because the Facilitator input was so smooth.  It made the RTWs the succes

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Have a Look at "My Resources"

I would  encourage everyone to browse or have a look at the My Resources section of the web site so that you are aware of the range of resources being made available to you through the program

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Hi Doohamlet

It was great to meet everyone at the RTW in Cookstown.  You will find Deidre a great support.  

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