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Hows it all going?

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Right Hello everybody, I have finally managed to get 15 minutes to get a good look at this site.  So I just thought I should do a wee blog just to see how people are getting on with their sessions and projects.

Well you will know by know that i am Darryn and I am a representitive of the PLACE Initiative in Portadown and our group are trying to set up a network specifically for women in the portadown area, I hear you ask if its a project for women why am I in the group, well Janet Hart also on the group has a passion for womens rights and support services for women of all ages, and we held a few conversations about the lack of womens support in Portadown, and I must admit she is very right there are very few services for women in portadown and instead of talking about the gap in the sector we decided to do something about it.  I strongly believe that women are the spine of communities if women get involved and educated then the rest of the family will naturally follow, also If women are involved in community activities then the family again will follow.(well thats my theory).  So if you think we may be able to partner up give us a shout


So as the title asks, How Is It all going for everyone?


I must admit our group are havng a fantastic experience doing the CLP.  We have been blessed with a great facilitator(Tommy Stewart) he has been very pro-active and very supportive.  I didn't know what to expect from this programme but so far I have learnt more than i could ever have imagined, Our group in Portadown are meeting regularly to try push on with establishing the Portadown Womens Network(PWN) so far we have had 3 sessions with our facilitatior and once on our own and we have other dates in the diary to keep on track, My advice to anyone doing this even in the early stages is to put as much time and effort in as you can as it wil make your experience much better and it will also enhance your personal learning by doing practical tasks.


well thats it from me know sorry about the tangent I have went on, but I hope you are all getting as much out of this as our group is


over and out


Darryn Causby


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Brenda Kelly (not verified)
Wed, 2009-06-17 11:32

Hi Darryn


Glad to see you using the website and it is great to get your feedback.  I am so glad that you as a group are finding the programme valuable.  I think you are right - the more a group can invest in the programme the more they will be able to get out of it.


Hope you continue to enjoy the programme.